I feel like over the past 9 months that I’ve really gotten to know Blair and Jason, what they care about, what’s important to them, and even more so, how they care about each other.  Blair and Jason just fit.  Like two puzzle pieces together, they’re happiest together, they’re calmest together, they’re most fulfilled when, of course, they’re together.  I think you can see it most when you look at Blair, and the love she just radiates outwards when she’s with Jason, it’s amazing, breath taking, and renews my hope in the world in general.

You don’t get that kind of love from anywhere, you get it from family, which was abundantly clear when I not only met Blair’s mom and Step-dad, but her Dad, and Step-mom, and Jason’s family. Everyone was thrilled to be there to support Blair and Jason on their first day as husband and wife, to ensure it went smoothly, to make it the most it could be.  The mere fact that the reception for 300 was held in Blair’s parent’s back yard (this is a whole other blog post full of details and pictures, stay tuned for that next week!), under a tent, with tons of floating lanterns, abundant flowers everywhere, two bars, a band, dance floor, flip flops, and a sparkler send off, and you just understand how much love exists in this family for one another.

I’m ashamed to say I think I gushed about how lovely everything was all night.  It truly was awe-inspiring and one of the best parties I’ve been to in my life.  There, I said it.  In my life, hands down, total fun.  But maybe I’m a boring person. (I don’t think so!)

So, back on topic here, you’ll see the first of two blogs on Blair and Jason’s wedding.  I tried and tried to put it all into one blog post but couldn’t do it justice.  Check back on Sunday for part two, which will be filled with goodies, formals, dancing (OH WAS THERE DANCING?!?!), photobooth mania, sparklers, and lots more I dare not talk about now and spoil the surprise.

Today, in this blog post, you’ll see details of getting ready, the dress, the anticipation- all of the good stuff that sets the pace and the tone for the day.