Well, now that Blair is married (don’t worry the blog for their wedding is coming out soon!) I can share some of the amazing and gorgeous images of Blair that we took about a month before her wedding. These are probably some of my favorite bridal portraits to date because we had a ton of helpers able to keep the dress, veil, flowers and hair in order, and also had some great input as to what shots to work with. We had gorgeous sunny, bright, but not too hot weather for the session, but ended up starting inside at first. We then moved outside, careful to use a clear shower curtain liner to ensure the dress didn’t get dirty on the ground. Brides, if you don’t want to get your dress cleaned before the wedding, definitely bring these 2 buck shower curtain liners with you.

A great thing about Bridal sessions are that they’re wonderful for a dry run of the dress with hair and makeup, the full she-bang, to make sure the whole vision works out. Blair had everything done for her session, and even had gorgeous flowers. Though she didn’t wear the same shoes for her bridal session as she did for her wedding (can’t blame her, they were some HIGH heels!) the session gave her the chance to have images with these great shoes, and to not have to worry about them on the wedding day. After all, a bridal session is an hour, the wedding is all day, and I made the same mistake with the pumps for my wedding. They’re killer if you’re not used to them!

So, below are some of my favorite images of Blair for her Wilson North Carolina Bridal Session. We took the pictures at the First Presbyterian Church in Wilson, and we were so lucky we had great weather, light, and lovely grounds to walk around for the session!