I’m so lucky to be meeting a vast majority of my brides and grooms through friends, past clients, and family!  It’s wonderful to know you’re more than just a stranger in these people’s lives and that you hold a connection of one kind or another.  I know Maggie through my sister’s friend Hannah.  So, we’re not exactly best friends and that’s how we came to meet.  Ironically, and I normally don’t love doing this, but the first time the three of us met was at Duke Gardens for their Engagement Session! But, I have to tell you, it was just great.  I love Duke Gardens, partly because it’s close to home and is just lovely, but also because of the wide variety of environments provided in the garden’s themselves.  And, this is why so many other people love Duke Gardens!  Which, can make an engagement session tricky sometimes.

BUT- we lucked out.  It was raining most of the weekend and morning… and somehow… the Fates smiled on me and my already many rained out sessions this season and said “Kate, I’m going to let you have a session today.”

It was wonderful. I love photographing in the rain or right after it completes raining because the greenery is lush, and it forces the colors to just POP out at you in the images.  Rainy or cloudy weather is also great because it allows for light diffusion- meaning, less shine and shadows on faces. AKA, happiness all around.

So, back to Maggie and Josh.  In short, I love these two and am super duper excited to be photographing their wedding in LESS THAN 100 days at the Crystal Coast Country Club. I feel like the two of them are just such a perfect match and are so happy, it can’t be anything but a wonderful affair.  And, I love beach weddings :)

Below are some of my favorites from their engagement session, but if you have a moment please check out a new service I’m offering all of my couples starting this year- their own wedding website!  It’s slick. I love it.  It’s another thing that makes me happy to be doing this.

Josh and Maggie’s Wedding Website