This season, 2012, I’ve been blessed with working with some of the most down to earth, fun, and happy couples! I cannot believe my luck and joy at meeting people like Tiffany and Rocky and being a part of their wonderful lives for their wedding day. Tiffany and Rocky were married on May 5th, 2012, and while they did not go the festive Cinco de Mayo route for their wedding theme, the date hold special significance for them in multiple ways that they embraced as part of their relationship.

I feel like I’ve known these two for years now, but it’s probably only been about a year, come to think of it! I love Tiffany’s calm honesty and happy, bright outlook on life, and Rocky is the realist of the relationship, with a ripe sense of humor that kept me on my toes for both the engagement session and wedding day.

Tiffany and Rocky’s wedding day was interspersed with little elements of love, that when added together, made the rainy day that it was, really significant. From matching band inscriptions, to the gifts they gave each other, and even the handkerchiefs Tiffany gave her parents (I have to admit, I teared up reading those after taking the photo,) there was a sense of together for Tiffany and Rocky that I rarely get to see.

Cobblestone Hall in downtown Raleigh was the venue, in case you’re wondering, and they had the marvelous assistance of Nicole McMillen of Premier Party Planners to help their vision come to life. It was gorgeous. Due to rain, and an LGBT Pride event (yes, on top of Cinco de Mayo, there was a pride event in Raleigh as well, so traffic was a mess,) we ended up doing formals at Artspace, which actually worked out to be wonderful… because it wasn’t in the rain!

Either way, here are some of my absolute favorite images from Tiffany and Rocky’s wedding! Enjoy!