My name is Kate Peters and I’m a professional wedding photographer.  I love my job almost as much as I adore my clients- you all are why I do this.  Being a professional wedding photographer is not about going to weddings and having a good time (though, that is an added side perk I’d never considered…,) wedding photography is about getting to know you, my clients, so I can effectively tell the wonderful story of your love.

I come from a long line of women who are story tellers, and my late-Grandfather was an avid hobby photographer.  Throughout his life, he strove to capture the images of people and places that were important to him.  I like to think that I’m the hybrid of these two stories- someone who tells the story of not only my life, but the life of my clients through photography.  It fulfills me in every corny, cheesy, romantic comedy way out there.

When I’m not getting to know you, my dear clients, there are several “activities” I have to fill my days.  I’m a mommie to my almost-2 year old Josephine, and darling wife to my high school sweetheart and eternal crush, Dan.  I enjoy cooking, working in our vegetable garden and flower beds, going out for a bike ride with the family, and spending time with friends and our wonderful families.  My guilty hobbies, where I spend my I-have-absolutely-nothing-to-do-wheeeee time are reading classic fiction, baking delicious horrible-for-you deserts, and just vegging out on the couch watching some tivo’d dramatic network television (seriously Grey’s Anatomy!)

As a person, I’m warm, funny, and caring.  I am super detail oriented, and will photograph your story as if it were my own.  There is so little I remember from my own wedding day, (and I had an amazing photographer and a ton of friends with cameras there,) it reminds me on a daily basis working as a photographer that my clients are just like me… people in love, getting married, looking for someone to document their day in a somewhat creative and true fashion so when they flip through their album, they can remember the day that brought them together.

Thanks for swinging by, I hope we can talk over coffee/tea/diet coke soon!  And, so you know what I look like… :)