The majority of my pricing is posted online, which I realize is odd for a photographer. My thoughts on this are that I want to treat my clients as I like to be treated. I like to research products and services online before contacting people myself, so in light of that, I made the decision to do that for my products and services. This way, you can not only see who I am as a person, see the images I capture for my clients, and see if my services are within your budget. I don’t like wasting time, so it seems only fitting to not waste your’s either by asking you to contact me for my pricing, which I’ll admit… isn’t something a lot of photographers do. But, it’s how I do business and like to be treated as a consumer, and how I want to treat my customers.

Please note, that the pricing reflected here can change without notice, and the packages can be modified to suit your individual needs for your wedding. Feel free to email or call with any questions!

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