"She glances at the photo and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes."

~Frank Deford

My passion for photography intially came from my passion for travel and of learning about other cultures. As the daughter of a Marine and Polish immigrant, I was instilled with the desire at a young age to not only visit other countries, but to try and learn about other people. While growing up, my passion for culture led to a desire for a better way to capture and remember those amazing experiences I had. I purchased my first camera off Ebay in 2001, and haven't been without since then.

My work is a mix of traditional and modern work, where I focus on the standard images everyone wants to see in their wedding album, along with the creative and modern work that provides a different perspective on your day. I want you to look at these images and see something you didn't see before, to remember a moment you would have forgotten, and to cherish the time you had with family and friends on one of the happiest days of your life. These are the feelings I get when I look at my wedding pictures- they should be the feelings you get from yours.

Beyond photography, my other hobbies are design, writing, travel, gardening, and cooking. I have a keen sense for technology, which means I can fix your laptop too, if you need it.

I am available for wedding and portrait photography.

Wedding Packages

My wedding packages start at $500. All packages include an online slideshow of my favorite images, online ordering and proofing of all final images, a fully designed coffee table album and additional album ordering, and lastly, a DVD of all final images with right to reproduce (which means I have no problem with you burning copies to give to mom, Aunt Mary, and your best friend!) Send me an email if you'd like to see my 2009 Package Pricing!

Portrait Sessions

I charge a flat hourly rate for regular portrait sessions of $50 an hour. This includes online gallery, a 8x10 Print (of your choice), online print ordering, and a DVD of all final portrait images.

Full-Sized Coffee Table Albums

My coffee table albums are a modern and simple alternative to the bulky albums you normally see. Think of my albums as something you really would put on your coffee table. They're professionally printed and created with the BookSmart software. My albums are standardized at a standard landscape size, and come in options of softsover, hardcover with dustjacket, or hardcover with image wrap. Pricing ranges from $50- $75, depending on the number of pages in the album.

As a feature to Kate Peters Photography, I offer the option to your guests to include the pictures they take at your wedding in your album. Imagine, instead of just one or two people's perspective at your wedding, you get the chance to see what many of your guests saw and photographed at your wedding and reception. To every contributor to your album, I offer a 8x10 professional photo lab printed image from your wedding, as a thank you for their images.

Parent's Coffee Table Albums

Parent's albums are a smaller version of the original coffee table album. Pricing for these range are $50, and are great momentos to give not only your parents, but best friends, bridesmaids, grandparents, or anyone that made your wedding day something to remember. Again, since they are affordably priced, they're a great option to share- and easy to replace!

Please use this form to contact us for availability, booking information, or just to say Hi!

Or, you can call or email directly!

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Generally, we strive to respond to any emails within 24 hours of receipt. Voicemails will be repsonded to the same day.

This calendar is a great place to start when checking availability. If you see your intended date is open, just click on the date to send an email to confirm and get started in reserving it. It's as easy as pie!

Q: Do you have a basic shot list? How many of your images are creative, and how many are standard?

A: I try very hard to get the "basics", and because of that and the nature of weddings (sometimes a little hectic, always very busy!) I keep a shot list in my pocket to glance at now and then. This shot list helps me remember, and it's good for the couple to know that I'm keeping track. My shot list contains many of the standards, including some trademark creative images that I love taking. I am more than happy to share this list of images I try to capture at every wedding, but in no way is that list the only pictures I will take. Once you book a wedding package with me, I will work with you not only to get a feel for your wedding, but also to figure out which pictures you want in the end. For that reason, I send out a shot list "wish list" to brides about 6 weeks before their date. This way, you can finalize logistics with me, and I can get an idea of the time I will have to get the priority images you want.

Q: Why should we choose you to take our wedding pictures?

A: I am a firm believer that the photographer needs to be an active participant in the wedding. No one wants their pictures taken by someone who lurks in the shadows, so it's very important that the photographer put the wedding party and the guests at ease when taking the pictures. A good sense of humor, patience, and an easy going manner are qualities you should look for. Your photographer should never add stress to your wedding, be flexible, and always should be happy to share in YOUR DAY! Love is contagious, and there's something about sharing in the time at your wedding that makes me want to be no where else in the world.


Q: How do you handle post production?

A: Outside of the wedding, post production is one of my favorite times in the photography process. My process is as follows:

1. As soon as the wedding is over, I load your pictures onto my computer, and make a backup on DVD.

2. I go through all of the images and keep all non-blemished images. Let's face it, pictures with a face blur don't end up on the wall!

3. I then go through a second time and sort through my "keepers". These images are the ones I provide to you. I keep my second round images for online galleries and in some instances albums.

4. Once I have my images, I color correct, spot touch up, and apply various effects. On average, there are 800 pictures per a wedding, more or less depending on the time I am there.

5. Within 2-3 weeks, I post an online gallery for you to review the proofs and pre-purchase prints. From there, I get started on your album, which with the final DVD of prints, is available in 6-8 weeks from your wedding date.

Q: What equipment do you use? Do you shoot in digital or film?

A: There used to be a time when digital was far inferior to film images, and thankfully that time has passed. Digital also lends itself to be very useful and flexbile at weddings. As far as equipment goes, I'm a firm believer that thought the camera takes the picture, it's the photographer that makes the picture. That being said, I shoot with Canon camera equipment exclusively. My main camera is a Canon 5D Mark II, various lenses and flash units. I have a backup camera body and lenses as well, because you never know!

Q: What do your packages consist of? Can I change or add to packages?

A: My packages are pretty basic. They all include various amounts of time, starting with 6 hours and ranging to a full 12 hours over two days! Packages also include the options of coffee table albums, full right to reproduce, online galleries and proof purchasing, engagement sessions, and in some cases a second photographer. Pricing for my services start very reasonably with my base package starting at just $500! Email me for my package and pricing list!

Q: How do you dress for weddings?

A: It's important for a photographer to be comfortable, but also reasonably blend in as a guest. For that reason, I normally wear black or grey slacks, a loose blouse in a dark color, and sweater/cardigan. In other words, business casual. If your wedding is very formal, outdoors in weather, or themed, I am more than happy to dress as accordingly as possible, just let me know!

Q: Anything else we should know?

A: Nothing special, just that I'm a warm person, and would love to get to know you. Feel free to call (952.807.4188) or email me anytime, I can't wait to hear from you!